Review: Il Palagio Restaurant, Florence

Fancy Italian simply doesn’t work.  Simple Italian food with good ingredients and cooked with love is where its at.

Someone should have told me that before we went to Il Palagio for dinner during our honeymoon a couple of years ago.

The restaurant is one of the ‘best’ high end dining places in Florence.  It’s inside the Four Seasons and certainly felt the part.  The weather was balmy and we sat outside in this lovely little courtyard.

The menu is expensive, but not outrageous like what you seen in Michellin restaurants in Paris. But at 50 euro a tiny plate of appetiser, I would expect my 2 bites to better be worth 25 euro each.

Sadly It was very disappointing. Everything was very well cooked, but so boring. The descriptions were far better than the actual dishes.  The ravioli filled with burrata and confit onion “senise” bell pepper and asparagus, tasted no better than the 5 euro plate I had at the market the day before.   The pasta and soup were both edible but again offered no improvement on the dishes I ate at tiny trattorias.  The ‘Laura Peri’ pigeon cooked in pork bladder was super interesting, as they present the bladder to you, but it tastes pretty normal, just like a piece of bland pigeon.

The highlight was the olive oil and bread, which was so good that I paid 30 euro to take that tiny bottle home.

Service is mediocre. Professional but aloof. Nothing that conveys to me that this is a special occasion restaurant.

2.33 out of 5.  Edible but not better than the 5 euro pizza down the road.


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