Review: The Chedi Club

The hotel market of Ubud, Bali is so very crowded, but the Chedi Club makes you feel like you are the only person on the island.

The Chedi club is not far from the the centre, only a short 5 to 10 minutes drive, and very close to the elephant cave.

As with most hotels in ubud, it is surrounded by rice paddies, and you feel like you are staying in an ocean of green.  The grounds are manicured to perfection, with no a single leaf out of place.  The architecture is classically Balinese and very beautiful.  Every building is about 100 meters away from the next, and surrounded by glass, rice paddies, man made lake or pool, so I always find myself taking big breaths of the clean air and then saying ‘ahhhhhhhh’, just like a coke ad.

We stayed in a one bedroom villa and it was very nice.  The main room is essentially a big bedroom with a walk in wardrobe and a big bathroom, there isn’t a indoor living room.  The living room, like many balinese villas is outside, along with a pretty decent sized pool that faced out into the rice paddy. Waking up in the morning, and watching the sun shine over the rice paddy in my pool was an experience I’d never forget.

I also visited their 2 bedroom flagship villa, the Hadiprana, which is over 500 square meters.  To be honest, it was too big.

The service is very personal, as you get a butler.  You call the butler for anything. He was happy to fold our clothes and bring dinner to us from the restaurant.  In the morning, he took us for an hour walk along the rice paddies and we visited an local village.  We were invited into the house of a local villager, which was so clean and beautiful.

Food was extremely expensive, and although the quality was high, I would not eat in house regularly.  There is free breakfast and afternoon tea and cocktails inclusive, and they were very good.  The main dining room is a massive open room, again surrounded by ricepaddies, which sounds and looks romantic, until you find yourself fighting for your life against all manners of insects.

The public areas are absolutely huge!!! There are 3 big pools, which I didn’t even get to use, because we had our own private pool.  The main pavilion seem to do nothing but checkin and checkout. There is a massive outdoor entertainment area for events and weekly balinese dance shows.

Apparently, the resort was half full, but we saw one other guest once our entire stay, the grounds are literally that big! It really is a place to get away from humanity.

4.32 out of 5. It’s hard not to relax in such a serene place, it’s not cheap by Bali standards, but you also get good value for your money.  I wouldn’t hesitate to return.

Pro tip: I recommend staying at the one bedroom pool villa or the insanely big Hadiprana villa.  Stay away from the suites, as they don’t capture the essence of the hotel.


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