Review: BA First, horror experience


I heard bad things about BA first class from some people, and I heard even worse things from some others.  How bad can it be?  It’s still first class after all, right?

The Concorde First class lounge in Heathrow was pretty disappointing but I was hoping things would improve in the air. Spoiler alert: it did not.

Right at the front of the plane (B777), there are 14 seats in a pretty smallish area. 1-2-1 Reverse herringbone configuration. This is business class on any other airline (such as Cathay, Qatar, Virgin etc). The mini seat ottoman is nice as a companion seat, for face to face dining.

The seat looks fine. But it’s filthy. Everything is dirty. There are crumbs everywhere, especially the edges. There is a little round knob that controlled the seat. It’s a silly system. It either makes it flat or sit up. You can’t control the individual portions of the seat like most other airlines. There are also 3 different reading lamps, which I don’t understand why.

The amenities are okay, the pyjamas is actually quite good quality. But nothing else felt particularly remarkable.

The meal lasted like 3 hours, as the service was slow and aloof. The wine list consisted of 3 wines, that’s even less than economy on most airlines.  The food quality was okay, presented well and certainly better than economy, but pretty poor for first class, arguably worse than Qantas, which in my opinion is the worst I’ve experienced.

Once again the cutleries are dirty. The head purser literally said “that’s just how they are, we don’t have clean ones here, you can just wipe it clean yourself with this towel.” WTF!

The attendant makes the bed for you. But other than that, they are pretty much absent. A couple of times, I had to wait 5 minutes for someone to come. And there were 4 people working for first class with only 3 passengers. When I walked past them, they were just chatting and stuffing around. When I asked for a G&T, I specifically asked for Ice and cucumber. And they came back with no ice and lemon.  It’s like they are trying to get things wrong.

The toilet was tiny and never cleaned. Nobody on board gave a shit.

The entertainment system felt like it was from the 90s. There were only 10 movies in terrible resolution and maybe 20 episodes of TV shows. The TV would make a massive clunk when you try to push it back. It was disconcerting.

We didn’t even see the first class attendants after we landed, I think they just stuck around their own little area.  No one even said goodbye to us as we left.

BA must have taught from the manual of how to provide terrible service.

1.31 out of 5.  DON’T FLY BA. Everything was disgustingly dirty, the service is horrendous, and the seat is business class on any other airline.  You have to really try hard to be this bad.


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