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The public space is nature, and there is so much of it.  The entire resort is guarded by massive jagged cliffs with wide open grassland in between.  The scenery isn’t as in your face as your typical mountains like the alps, but it’s awe-inspiring in a very Australian way.

We loved walking around the hills and plains in the afternoon and going for a long bike ride in the morning.

The animals are what really made my trip special.  I’ve lived in Australia for so many years, but I’ve never been face to face with so many wild Australian fauna. There are bands of animals just running around, having a good time. I really enjoyed sitting next to the huge fatty wombats as they grazed right outside our front door.

We also saw an albino kangaroo which was very interesting and looked like a ghost roo.

The main building, AKA the homestead, is home to the 2 restaurants, the bar, the study, and check-in areas. The wrap around deck on the top floor has panoramic view of the entire valley, EPIC!  Generous use of exposed wood, beams, ironwork really put the heritage of the area on display, while the muted dusty colours of dark red, brown melts seemlessly in to the surrounding area.


The main pool is enormous, beautifully curvaceous and directly in front of the homestead.  We never saw a single person swim in this pool, which is understandable, as everyone had their own private watering hole.

The Spa is in a separate little building, with male and female change rooms, steam rooms and a spa bath.  We didn’t get to try any of the treatments.

A bit down the road from the villas and homestead is the restored historic homestead. It’s essentially a living museum.  This is the original house where the family lived for over 150 years.  A lot of artefacts are displayed on the tables and wall, and they offer a quick heritage tour of the house and explain a little of the history.




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